KAWE conveyor belt scrapper - new generation

- simple and quick installation

- space-saving

- little weight

- low maintenance

- very effective

- Execution in PU and with hard metal


Our new pressure system / mounting system does not take up any space.

It is located inside the support tube.



Our new system is already in use for:

- sand industrie

- concrete production industrie

- gravel production industrie

- Sawmill

- Salt production industrie


and more...

With relation to a requirement from the industry, we have developed an all-new conveyor belt cleaner for the food industry

     Test report according to the Commission Regulation (EU) No. 10/2011

     of January 2011 on plastik materials and articles intended to come into contact

     with food:

  • Superior hygienic standard

  • Minimal production loss

  • Little maintenance effort (especially cleaning)

  • Easy installation

  • outstanding hygienic standard
  • all components from stainless steel and food-grade polyurethane (FDA-approval)
  • highly resistant to oil, fat and solvents
  • suitable for use within a large temperature range
  • constructed to prevent the danger of any single component loosening and contaminating the product
  • hingeable from the belt surface allowing quick and easy cleaning without the need for additional tools
  • high wear resistance and minimal belt wear even under dry run conditions
  • available in many different sizes to suit your installation (up to 1800mm)
  • deliverable for convex driving rolls
  • installable with minimum effort
3D model moveable
Kopfabstreifer SEW 3D.pdf
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Ideal material property

The scraper consists of a special polyurethane (FDA-approval) developed by us, with very good sliding properties and wear resistance. Polyurethane offers a very dynamic capacitance and good resilience. Product contaminations, even from mechanical damage (i.e. by foreign bodies), are nearly impossible due to its fold and tear resistance.
Longevity is secured by a good to very good resistance to weathering and to UV radiation.


Easy construction

In order to generate the required pressure from the scraper to the belt, we use a maintenance-free torsion element, which is located in the axle tube. This kind of positioning is space saving as well as giving security for the torsion element against attacks from outside. For the sealing between torsion element and axle tube, two o-rings are used. These guarantee an optimal protection against the infiltration of dirt or product remains.


Uncomplicated assembly

The easy construction of the scraper is the basis for a cost-effective assembly. In most cases there will be no changes on the conveyor belt or on the hopper, for instance. This is dependant on the on-site construction. If the scraper needs to be reallocated after an “on-site assembly”, this can be carried out easily by twisting the eccentric counter bearing.


Setting of the scraping pressure

In order to set the scraping pressure from the scraper to the belt, the two fastening screws need to be loosened and the torsion element can be adjusted adequately.


Simple way of cleaning

To clean the scraper, you can flap it from the belt surface contrary to the direction of torsion with the hand lever without additional tools.





Installation options

Generally, our scrapers are for all-purpose use. Mainly they are used as head or drum scrapers though. This position is effective and easy to install.
The positioning of the scraper is dependent on the transported product and its further use.
If the scraped product shall remain within the production flow and be further transported, the scraper position needs to be similar to mounting position 1 (see picture).

If the scraped product shall be separated from the main stream, the scraper position needs to be similar to mounting positions 2 or 3.

Position 1
Position 1
Position 2
Position 2
Position 3
Position 3


The hinge moment, which emanates from a supporting tube located behind the scraper, is being transmitted to the scraper via corresponding levers. The hinge moment can be set individually, like for the standardized scraper.

Besides our standardized scraper (which is mainly used as head or pulley scraper), we offer our customers the universal scraper, which is suitable even for scraping difficult products like sugar icing for instance.
The universal scraper is manufactured with a supporting axis, instead of a supporting tube.


Even though our scrapers have been developed for the food industry, they are now being used in a wide scope of applications including the non-food industries

The outcome of our development and its present success is a confirmation for us that innovative products can be applied successfully in a wide field, even though they have been engineered for a certain application.

Do you have any questions about our belt scraper or would you like to test it for free at your site?

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KAWE industry scrapper for all application

- Effective and gentle cleaning of the conveyor belt

- Easy installation and maintenance

- Selection of different segments for individual applications

   (Polyurethane, hard metal, ceramic)

- Quick exchange of segments

- Cost reduction through optimal belt cleaning

- High durability

The convex bar from KAWE represents the arc against the direction of the conveyor belt. Adhesions are easily detached from the conveyor belt.

Due to the curved contact surface of the wiper one full-scale edition of the belt is brought to the bar.

Execution of the convex bar in:

                                                  - Painted steel

                                                  - Stainless steel - 1.4301

                                                  - A4 - 1.4571

                                                  - Aluminium